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                                Metal Based Crowns and Bridges‎

                                                                Full Cast‎

                                                               High Noble

Yellow 60% Gold     Traditional Method.                                                         $74. + alloy
Yellow 55% Gold     Digital Method. Crown is milled from a                        $249.

                                 solid puck.  Includes alloy.
Yellow 50% Gold     Traditional Method.                                                         $74. + alloy


Silver                         Silver/Palladium alloy. Traditional Method.                   $74. + alloy

 2% Gold                    Digital Method. Crown is milled from a                       $149.

                                   solid puck.  Includes alloy.

                                                              Base Alloy

Full Cast Tilite         Traditional method. Proven Biocompatibility.                   $99.

                                  Includes alloy.                                                              

Fixed Crown & Bridge Restorations

We offer traditional wax and cast methods, as well as digital methods. Our TRADITIONAL METHOD utilizes stone models, which are poured three times at no extra charge. The first is the Master Die, followed by the sectioned and mounted Working Model, and then the Solid (Check) Model. This triple check method ensures quality control and consistency. Our DIGITAL METHOD is inherently more accurate, and can be done with or without models. A milled check model is included at no charge; however working (milled or printed) models are additional.

        Porcelain Fused to Metal‎

Our PFM's are fabricated by traditional methods, including our triple check model technique, which is included in the price. We utilize the Master Die for the margins, the Working Model for occlusion, and the Solid (Check) Model for proximal contacts. PFM's can be used for everything from a single crown to a full arch restoration.

     High Noble

Porcelain‎ fused to Gold. Single crowns up to 5 unit bridges.                           $142. + alloy        Noble

Porcelain fused to Palladium. Single crowns up to 5 unit bridges.                   $142. + alloy                         

   Base Metal

Porcelain fused to Tilite. Single crowns up to full arch restorations.                $156.
Includes alloy.