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Metal Abutments

Stock Titanium Abutments

We order Stock Titanium Abutments from the implant manufacturer, and adjust them as needed. There will be extra charges for adjustments, reduction copings, etc. as necessary.

Price is based on manufacturer's pricing.

Custom Abutments
We offer several metal Custom Abutments. Some implant manufacturers offer a design and mill service for titanium abutments, requiring us to send the STAM and they take it from there. We can also use third party milling centers, such as Atlantis. Most, if not all, implant manufacturers offer UCLA Abutments, which consist of a machined gold alloy base and a plastic chimney. The UCLA allows us to design, wax, and cast the abutment out of a noble alloy. We also offer a cobalt chrome based UCLA that we cast out of Tilite- our premium base alloy with titanium.

Titanium Custom Abutment                                                                     $369.

Milled‎ by original manufacturer

 Titanium Custom Abutment                                                                      $269.

Milled by third party milling center


Gold or Palladium Custom Abutment                                          $419. +alloy

       Cast-to using Original Manufacturers UCLA abutment.                    

Tilite Custom Abutment                                                                           $199.

Cast-to using a UCLA base milled out of Tilite or cobalt chrome

Ceramic Abutments‎

Our e.Max and zirconia custom abutments are fabricated using the Sirona InLab system, which is the only lab system currently approved by the FDA.

Zirconia Custom Abutment                                                                         $419.

Without Ti-Base. Sometimes necessary when a ti-base would be visible. Milled by Atlantis.

Zirconia Custom Abutment                                                                        $299.

With Ti-Base.

e.Max Custom Abutment                                                                            $299.

With Ti-Base. Can be fabricated Same-Day.

Implant Abutments

Stone Dental Lab

All implant manufacturers offer a selection of stock (off the shelf) abutments, usually in titanium. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the lab must pay the same prices as you do. You are welcome to provide your own abutments and avoid any mark-up. Abutments that require adjustments will be billed accordingly.

Stock Abutments all have one characteristic in common- they are round, and teeth are not round! Therefore, the stock abutment is often not the best choice for your patient. Stock Abutments often place the crown margins too deep, making it difficult for you to ensure that all cement has been removed. They also limit the amount of contouring the technician is able to accomplish.

Custom Abutments, whether metal or metal free, allow the technician to control the root/tooth form ( emergence profile) and the placement of, as well as the depth of, the margin. This ensures that the cement can be easily removed, as well as allowing proper biologic and esthetic contouring.

Abutment Crowns ( screw-retained crowns ) function as both the abutment and the crown! The Abutment Crown allows the technician to effectively control the the emergence profile, and eliminates the cement line altogether. They do have a screw access hole that will need to be filled.