Abutment Crowns ( Screw-Retained Crowns)‎

Abutment Crowns eliminate crown margins and cement lines altogether, and are easily retrieved and replaced when needed. Our latest Implant Solution is the Dynamic Abutment Crown, which allows us to adjust the screw access channel before casting, positioning it in a more desirable position.

Abutment Crown

Fabricated using manufacturers cast-to UCLA gold based abutment

 Full Cast Crown ( yellow, white, or silver )                                       $349.  + alloy,

Porcelain Fused to Gold or Palladium                                               $419.  + alloy,


Fabricated using milled Tilite or Cobalt Chrome UCLA abutment

Full Cast Crown ( yellow, white, or silver )                                         $199.  + alloy  

       Porcelain Fused to Tilite                                               $269.


                Fabricated using a Ti-Base ( milled base with restoration cemented on )

        Porcelain Fused to Zirconia                                        $349.

          Full Contour Zirconia                                                  $299.

Full Contour e.Max                                                                $299.

Dynamic Abutment Crown

Available for many implants. Allows us to place screw access channel in the most desirable position. Requires special driver.


Porcelain Fused to Tilite                                                             $319.

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